Katherine Woodward Thomas and Janet Jones

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

This program was designed to help individuals or couples break through their painful and repetitive relationship patterns in order to create a “Happily Even After Life”.

The 5 Steps of Conscious Uncoupling:

1) Find Emotional Freedom: Learn to harness the energies of your dark and difficult emotions from destructive impulses into constructive drivers of positive change.

2) Reclaim Your Power & Your Life: Let go of being a wounded victim of love in order to take personal responsibility for your part in what happened, however small, without shame or blame.

3) Break the Pattern, Heal Your Heart: Learn your Source Fracture story more clearly in order to identify how your pattern has been happening through you rather than to you.

4) Become a Love Alchemist: Set a new intention for the form of relationship you are committed to creating while identifying skills needed to do so.

5) Create Your Happily Even After Life: Identify and complete old agreements and generate ones more appropriate to the new form of the relationship.