Calling In “The One” Coaching

This program was designed to educate, inspire and awaken your power to manifest the miracle of happy, healthy love in your life.

The 7 Steps of Calling in “The One”:

1) Preparing for Love: Create your intention for healthy, happy love – your North Star for the duration of the course.

2) Completing the Past: Clear away the unfinished business of your past: your habitual toxic relationship dynamics and old agreements that no longer serve you.

3) Healing Core Wounds: Identify and challenge your negative “Love Identity” core beliefs and how they have unconsciously been holding you back.

4) Setting Your Course: Revisit and uplevel your intention for love and discover the keys to co-creating it in your life.

5) First Things First: Awaken to a deeper level of self-love as the foundation for loving another.

6) A Life Worth Living: Cultivate a greater sense of happiness in your life by transforming any core beliefs that are getting in your way in order to show up fully in your radiance and power.

7) Living Love Fulfilled: Become unstoppable on your journey to love by relating to all obstacles, setbacks, disappointments and delays as opportunities for growth.