Janet Jones, MA, LPC

Looking back, I now see my life as a three-act play, each with its own discoveries and lessons:

  • Act I revolved around growing up in a large, blue-collar, Irish Catholic family. My younger brother, who would likely be diagnosed with autism today, struggled through school and life, which inspired me to became a teacher and a school counselor.
  • In Act II I learned that even the best of teachers and therapists can’t help children alone if there is trauma or some other family system dysfunction. Thus, I began working with couples and families as a licensed therapist, as a facilitator of parenting and co-parenting classes, and as a CASA and Child & Family Investigator for the Family Law Court. Then the curtain fell on my Act II, as my children were growing up and moving away from home, when my 32-year marriage came apart.
  • After a year of intense R&R – Reflection and Re-Creation – Act III began with renewed hope and possibility for the future. I discovered Katherine Woodward Thomas’ two signature Coaching programs:
    • Conscious Uncoupling, which helps an individual, or a couple, break painful and repetitive patterns, enabling them to create a “Happily Even After Life”, and
    • Calling in “The One”, which helps individuals create new happy, healthy, and loving relationships.
  • These programs helped me understand my own family and marriage issues, which I had unconsciously internalized. Better yet, they offer me an opportunity to help others before they reach a breaking point in their families and relationships, greatly reducing or eliminating the lingering pain and damage suffered by all family members, particularly children.

I would love to offer these programs and all that I have learned to help you renew your hope and create a much brighter future for yourself and for your children. I would also like to share, from my personal experience, especially with others now in their Act III, that it’s never too late for “Calling in ‘The One’!”