For the Kids: Co-Parenting Workshop

This program was designed almost 20 years ago by a committee of judges, therapists and attorneys in Colorado to help parents understand and minimize the negative impact of divorce or separation on their children. As one of the initial providers, I have been facilitating this monthly program, in person, for over 17 years. The frequent and most common feedback I receive is “I wish I had known this information years ago when we first split up.” No parent wishes harm on their children but many realize, through this program, how they have unwittingly created a no-win situation for their children by placing them in the middle of the parents’ battles. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Court process and resources available
  • Impact of divorce on children at various ages and how to help them
  • Communication and assertiveness skills for difficult relationships
  • Parenting styles and structures after divorce/separation
  • Common pitfalls of divorce
  • Parental Alienation: how to recognize and deal with it
  • Common Parenting Plans (by age of the children)
  • The long-term effects of divorce on children

This program will continue to be available over the phone until it is successfully moved online to (this link). Please contact me to sign up.

Grief and Healing After Breakup or Divorce

The breakup of an intimate relationship is one of life’s most painful experiences, from that “first crush,” to the partner who helped us grow up, or with whom we had children and created a family, all the way to the long-term spouse or partner with whom we thought we would grow old. Although we may try to shake off or deny our feelings and move forward, we often carry that unprocessed pain with us into all of our relationships. In this program I will guide you through processing the 6 Stages of Grief so that you can begin to let go of past hurts and create a healthy future, not only for yourself but for your children and all future partners. Time alone does not heal; it may only make us more bitter. Press the link (here) to access this healing journey from anger and despair to healthy, happy even afters!

Grief and Healing After Your Spouse Comes Out

Finding out that your partner is not straight can be a devastating discovery, throwing your body, mind, and spirit into a tailspin. But to whom can you turn for help? Who would understand this heartbreak and all the feelings you have? Unlike our LGBT partner, who often gets praise for coming out, the straight spouse’s grief is not often acknowledged by society and there are few support systems, rituals, or traditions to help us cope. In this program, we will examine all of these issues as I guide you through the 6 Stages of Grief and how they are uniquely experienced by us. It is only in processing our grief that we can begin to move forward into a healthy future not only for ourselves but for our children and family. Time alone does not heal; it may only make us more bitter.

Click here to access this healing journey from despair to hope for all involved.